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Lava beads are formed from molten rock slowly cooling underground to make a type of igneous rock called basalt rock.  These rocks are porous and lightweight which make them ideal for making jewellery including bracelets.  Lava beads can be used as diffuser beads to hold essential oils, but checks need to be made with the essential oil that the colours don’t come out of the stones.

Lava rock is thought t have a calming affect when it is worn next to the skin. 

Below is a lovely make by one of Bertie's Beads customers.


How do lava beads work with essential oils?

It is you body heat that allows the lava beads to work by allowing the oil to evaporate and then diffuse through the air.  If you add a few drops of essential oil onto the bead.  The lava bead will absorb the essential oil as it is porous and the the essential oil will then slowly evaporate over aperiod of time.  

Care should be taken that the essential oil doesn't cause any type of reaction first.


Another customers elegant make,